Pranic Healing and The Pathwork

Grand Master Choa Kok Sui distilled/extracted concepts and tools from the most powerful and effective systems of spiritual and healing practices for the synthesis of Pranic Healing. In Arhatic Yoga, we are told that it is a priority to purify our thoughts in order to minimize our distortions and to allow our energies to flow freely.

The initial primary focus of the Pathwork is the purification aspect of spiritual growth. As the encumbrances of the soul purify and transform, the energetic blockages disintegrate and energy flows more freely, paving the way for physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual health. This cleansing of the pathways within the inner being creates space for cultivating awakening.

The 258 lectures channeled by Eva Pierrakos in the mid to late 1900s form the framework of the Pathwork. The approaches of MCKS Pranic Healing and the Pathwork integrate with ease.

For information on the Pathwork and a discussion group about it, go to the following link (a PDF) -- Pathwork Lecture Discussion Group.

For channeled lectures of the Pathwork: There is a table of contents. You can either go in sequence or choose from the table of contents. This website is free.

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The Pathwork Explained

The Pathwork® is an approach to spiritual and personal discovery and growth based on teachings given by Eva Pierrakos combining psychological wisdom and spiritual truth. The Pathwork is practiced in many places in the United States, Mexico, South America, Europe, Australia, and Israel.

The Pathwork process lays the groundwork for the sacred journey to union by looking for, examining and owning those parts of us that are not in union - the parts of us that may be fearful, hopeless, judgmental, selfish, arrogant, lazy, untrusting or untrustworthy.

Many spiritual paths feature practices to simply transcend these universal human failings. The Pathwork, however, calls us to do the work of personal transformation first, to build a dependable foundation for authentic experiences of transcendence and unity. Pathwork teaches that the sum total of one's flaws - which we call the Lower Self - must be compassionately and fearlessly brought to the light of conscious awareness as part of our spiritual journey. If they are not illuminated and transformed, these dark, unpurified places will have an inordinate amount of influence (mostly unconscious) over our thoughts, behavior and life patterns. If life is not going completely as we wish, if some of our deepest aspirations seem to be blocked, if we seem to make the same mistakes over and over, this is a good indication that our lower self is holding sway in these areas. Pathwork program participants discover a world of joy and new possibilities.

However, the work does not end here. The Pathwork is also a path of transcendence. The work of illuminating and transforming the Lower Self naturally reveals and strengthens the Higher Self, the divine spark in each one of us that is vibrantly alive, expansive, loving and in truth.

The Pathwork helps us listen to and respond to the yearnings of the soul for union with others, with all of creation and with the source of love and truth at the center of the universe.
[Information courtesy of Pathwork at Sevenoaks.]