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Pranic Healing Level 1

with Miriam Smith
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Miriam Smith, MS Ed.
Certified Pranic Healer/Instructor

Pranic Healing Level 1: Basic

Learn how the body’s energy system, the aura, health rays, and chakras affect the healing process.
Learn how to feel and see pranic energy in order to scan 11 major chakras and the aura.
Energetically determine your state of health.
Develop a meditation practice that increases your healing power and your energetic body.
Learn how to heal yourself and others.

The curriculum includes teaching —

-- self-scanning and self-healing
-- how to heal mild and more severe stress
-- how to heal simple ailments such as a wound or pain
-- how to heal more complex ailments
-- how to maintain physical and emotional balance
-- how to maintain the integrity of your own energy
-- system when around unhealthy or stressed people
-- how to maintain energetic hygiene as a healer
-- powerful breathing techniques
-- remote healing

Practice protocols for —

-- respiratory system
-- digestive system
-- circulatory system
-- immune system

Pranic Healing Review for Level 1

Brush up on Pranic Healing Techniques!

Review and Practice:
* Techniques to reap the most benefit from the
  Meditation on Twin Hearts
* Clarifying Concepts
* Scanning
* Cleansing
* Energizing

This class is open only to those who have completed at least Pranic Healing Level 1.

North Andover, MA
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